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Creditor and GAP insurance for integrity.

brooker dealer solutions protection services


Safe-guarding your products.

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The strength of service is in the warranty.

Brooker Dealer Solutions loyalty programs


Loyalty equals customer satisfaction.

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F&I Performance with Brooker Dealer Solutions

Team 1 Research & TrainingFinally... an easy, simple way for you to get top F&I performance! Anyone who was around in the early 1990's will tell you that Team One Research first introduced the concept of F&I menus to the automobile industry.

Every menu in the marketplace today is licensed by us or is a copy of our earliest menus. However, that was just the beginning. Through continued research and process development, and through extensive "real world" research and trial and error with the top F & I departments in the country, we have broken the F&I process down to an easy simple process that you can learn and use immediately. Our training has produced the overwhelming majority of the top F&I departments in the U.S. That's because it's simple, easy to learn quickly, and it works. We really do have the secret to top F&I performance. Read more:

 More about Team One

News + Updates From the Brooker Dealer Solutions Team

Keep up-to-date with new ideas & strategies for building valuable & engaging customer experiences.

People one-day not allowed to drive a car - really?

People one-day not allowed to drive a car - really?

Posted Feb 8th, 2018

We found the author's idea that people will one-day not be allowed to drive very interesting. What are your thoughts.

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Fewer Scripts in F&I Pitches

Fewer Scripts in F&I Pitches

Posted Jul 21st, 2017

Word tracks, once a standard in the F&I industry, may be falling by the wayside, and for good reason, according to a recent survey and F&I experts.

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Isolating the F&I Function

Isolating the F&I Function

Posted Jan 26th, 2017

As the sales process and the presentation of the F&I manager became more honest and upfront, the customers were choosing more products and the F&I departments were making more money. And the increase was significant.

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How to Be a Top Performer in 2017

How to Be a Top Performer in 2017

Posted Jan 2nd, 2017

While top performing F&I professionals come in all shapes and sizes, there are some commonalities we find among consistently top performing F&I professionals.

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