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Entire Car Protection ECP - The Protector


ECP Incorporated – The Protector, offers a diversified line of products and programs which include: Appearance Protection/Protective Coatings and Customer Appreciation Programs for new, pre-driven and leased vehicles as well as a complete line of Detailing, Prep, Service, Facility Chemicals and Supplies. Brands you can trust since 1969. Over 14 thousand dealers use ECP products, programs and services.


ECP Incorporated has served automobile dealers since 1969 and originated in 1935 for military equipment. Since the 1980’s ECP and its affiliates, manufacture protective coatings and graphite composite aerospace components for the space shuttle; as their corrosion inhibiting products meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the United States government and the Military. Today, ECP has distributors throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa and continues to expand world-wide.

Corrosion, Paint, Interior Protections

ECP Incorporated offers a diversified line of corrosion, paint, interior protections for New and Used cars.  There is a protection available for every vehicle on your lot!  Protection is also available for PowerSports, Marine and RV’s.  ECP’s warranties are the best in the industry bar none.

Rust Inhibitor - not only can we provide you with rust inhibitor as a spray on solution, but we are one of only two electronic modules in the market that is signed off by the Canadian Competition Bureau as being effective

Certified Clean Program

ECP is also very excited to launch the new Certified Clean Program.  ECP Certified Clean gives you the ability to market your used vehicles as a certified pre-owned car or CPO.  This designation of used car gives you the ability to differentiate yours from others inventory by having certified authority.

Treat every pre-owned and lease return vehicle in your inventory with the ECP Certified Clean Product

All Vehicles are eligible

  • Removes cigarette and cigar smoke odor
  • Eliminates airborne allergens such as mold, mildew and bacteria from the A/C vents
  • Destroys food, pet, body, smoke, and any organic contaminate odors
  • Leaves the A/C vents smelling clean and new
The active ingredient in ECP Certified Clean permanently attaches to the malodor molecule changing the molecular structure of the odor, so it can never again be released into the air we breathe. The product continues to work and the existing offensive odor will never return, unless reintroduced to the environment.

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