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BDS welcomes Angela Foscarini to the team

Posted Oct 5th, 2015

BDS welcomes Angela Foscarini to the team

Brooker Dealer Solutions is pleased to welcome Angela Foscarini to our team. 

We hope you enjoy working with Angela as much as I do.  Her expertise and knowledge in the industry is exemplary.  

Angela Foscarini: 

As a strategic partner, Angela Foscarini understands the importance of relationship building, support and product mix to increase sales volumes and profits.

Angela has 20 years of experience in a dealership setting. She has held positions of Financial Services Manager, Assistant New Car Manager, Fleet Sales Manager and Sales Associate.

Now representing Brooker Dealer Solutions, Angela is excited to foster new long term business relationships.

Angela shares a home with her husband, Scot, in Oshawa. Together they enjoy motorcycling on a sunny day.

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