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About Us

Brooker Dealer Solutions is a leader in dealer F&I services.

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Since in 1998, Lindsey Brooker has positioned herself as a leader in managing all of your dealership F&I needs. Now Brooker Dealer Solutions offers a full range of F&I products backed by the industry’s most respected underwriters to protect both the customer and the dealership from the unseen.  With experiences ranging from indirect lending, sales, business management, business office and training, Lindsey Brooker, offers a vast amount of knowledge and experience to help generate top performing F&I offices.

Lindsey BrookerLindsey Brooker, founder of Brooker Dealer Solutions Inc., began her career in the automotive industry in 1994 in the UK, after working in the Canadian banking industry for 20 years.  Working primarily in the used car market in the UK gave Lindsey a strong understanding of a very regulated industry.  She returned to Canada and proceeded directly into aftermarket products and programs with a strong focus on training.  After a brief move to the portals (Curomax and DealerAccess) Lindsey returned to being on the road and supporting her dealerships.  She discovered that this is where she is most happy and effective.

Lindsey’s motto is:

“let your customers know what products and services are available and they will let you know what they need”.  

Brooker Dealer Solutions has a full line up of everything purchasers and dealerships both want and need.

Deb Anderson: My professional background is in accounting. I have had the pleasure of working in many different industries, including restaurant, farm equipment sales/service, and wholesale. In 2010 an opportunity to work in the Automotive Aftermarket Insurance industry presented itself. Being a “car enthusiast” it seemed like a great fit. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with dealerships and customers from Coast to Coast. After taking a year to explore other options, I joined the Denny Marketing Team in January of 2015 as the Office Admin. Being part of this Team that offers quality service and programs is both exciting and very rewarding. I look forward to growing and developing with this amazing “Team”.

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