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Giving Dealers A Process That Works with Team One Canada and Brooker Dealer Solutions.

Giving Dealers A Process That Works

dealer principalYou've got a business to run.

money graphYou have an investment to protect and you hire the best people you can find to get the job done. You also know that you get the best results from the best processes and practices.

The F&I office is no exception. However, over the past 20 years, the F&I process has changed dramatically. You used to be able to measure your success just by looking at your dollars per unit and you penetration percentages. Sell more product. Make more money. It was pretty simple.

But it's not that simple anymore. The F&I office has to accomplish a lot more. Your F&I process needs to deal with a myriad of new regulations and compliance issues, a more and more complicated lending market, a new type of highly sales resistant consumer, and then, provide the profit you need from that department.graph

Since developing and introducing the industry to the concept of F&I menus 20 years ago, Team One has done the research and process development to sort through all of these factors to bring you a training program and process that meets all of those goals. We've done the work for you.

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