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SSQ Creditor's Insurance

Creditor's Insurance, also called (credit insurance or creditors group insurance) pays off an outstanding credit balance or makes loan/lease payments on the customer's behalf in the event of death, disability or job loss.

SSQ Financial Group is one of Canada's leading financial institutions with:

  • Over 3 million customers
  • 2,000 employees
  • $11 billion in assets under management
In addition to offering quality financial services, we stand out for our excellent customer service and our commitment to offer the best possible client experience.

SSQ Financial Group offers Life, Disability and Accidental Disability Insurance with Loss of Employment. Its distinctive Pre-existing stipulations allows coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and has life coverage for customers up to 76 years of age. 

Stand-alone Loss of Employment protection allows your purchasers the ability to drive rather then walk to their next job interview.

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